What is T-Square?

T-square is the name selected for Georgia Tech's Sakai installation.

How did we choose T-Square?

Sakai was selected for the Georgia Tech campus based on the recommendation of the Georgia Tech Academic Technologies Advisory Committee. The following is an excerpt from Draft Report from the Subcommittee on Learning Management Systems to the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee " 10/30/06 [electronic version]

We recommend that Georgia Tech become fully involved with the Sakai Project, a community source software development effort to design, build and deploy a new Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) for higher education. We make this recommendation for three reasons:

  1. To maintain Georgia Tech's position as a leader in technology and innovation.
  2. To ensure future LMS are suitably flexible for and supportive of those current and new methods of instruction and assessment needed within Georgia Tech's educational mission.
  3. To explore opportunities to extend the usefulness of some of the LMS's developed at Georgia Tech within the Sakai Project.

The entire document can be found here.

Who is in charge of T-Square?

The Director of Educational Technologies, Clay Fenlason, has the mission to make T-Square a success at Tech.

Clay Fenlason has a staff (not yet filled) of programmers, but he also works with the entire T-Square team at Tech that includes people from OIT (several departments), CETL, the Library, and. DLPE.

What is Sakai ?

Where can I learn more?

See the T-Square Project Site for additional information about T-Square.